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Rather than thinking like an author, you should treat yourself as a business individual also. To ensure better business standings, you should be familiar with the ways to spread awareness about your book. Also, the portrayal of expertise and abilities and interaction with the audience will decide your success. The main concern is how to improve the chances of your book recognition as the moments pass by. Ghost Writers Avenue has a professional team of experts who are well versed in making you stand out as a best-selling author with various unique marketing solutions. Our exclusive book marketing solution includes:

Personal Marketing Assistants

Looking for book marketing companies? At Ghost Writers Avenue, we can help you highlight your skills and qualities In an impressive manner and establish a sophisticated online or digital persona while marketing your book.

Social Media Set-Up

Setting up social media profiles helps you promote your written materials online and accessible to more readers in a digital space. Our professional experts of social media handle and manage various social media accounts with a vigilant approach.

Creative and Appealing Bookmarks

Among the unique ways for spreading awareness and book promotion is via bookmarks. Bookmarks prove to be important for several bookworms to bookmark the book of their choice.

Digital Postcards

To enhance quality and creativity level, a digital postcard proves to be an ideal choice. To generate a long-lasting impact, professionally customized postcards prove to be the right choice.

Business Cards

A world-class author needs to have a professionally designed business card known as an authority in the industry. One of the key aspects in the business world that cannot be ignored is a business card. A cute business card mentioning names and details will bring readers closer to you.
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Small and Attractive Posters

A compelling and captivating poster can boost your book launching event's authenticity and add more value to it. Posters are a great way to get instant attention and attraction from the audience.

Book Video Trailers

Book video trailers grab the authors, audience, and marketers' attention, creating a charming effect. With an effective marketing strategy, you can gain more readership and spectators.

Press Release

Our skillful writers produce a great, original, compelling, and seamless press release to announce book launches in a meaningful way.

Marketing on Social Media Platforms

Want to raise awareness regarding your book? Social media proves to be an effective place to market your book to an online audience. To increase readership and boost sales, social media can be ideal for getting the attention of 90% of Internet traffic.

Marketing Consultation

Ghost Writers Avenue has a team of marketing experts with various strategies and tactics up their sleeves that will boost efforts for book promotion. By holding appealing and exclusive marketing sessions with the customers, we help them get attention and earn a massive scale reputation.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is known for its simplistic approach, and its visual interface is similar to that of a hard copy of a book.

Apple Books

The digital version of a book can ensure better and immense exposure as compared to hardcopy. When the readers access the digital book on iPhone or iPad, they appreciate the book wholeheartedly.

Barnes and Noble Nook Edition

Another great platform to gain more customers and readers' attention is Barnes and Noble's Nook Edition. Through this platform, you can get your digital publishing done to improve your reputation automatically and massively.

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