7 Ways to Quickly Revamp your Blogs with a Creative Spark

7 Ways to Quickly Revamp your Blogs with a Creative Spark

Writing an enlightening blog can be a hassle if you’re running out of time. How about you measure your time with an hourglass instead of a clock? It seems weird but worth your time. Imagine the second’s ticking shoot as that stick you’re trying to reach while drowning in the quicksand. Are you getting the point here? Besides, you cannot hurtle with words and wisdom if you’re a writer with the capacities of a turtle. Blogs are like water gushes; writers worldwide and the internet post hundreds and thousands of them.

You might be thinking, like, what?! What am I supposed to do with all this? Well, writing blogs isn’t something technically offensive. Instead, any writer should do it on a lighter note - with a liberal mind. Your thoughts must flow like that quicksand “in the hourglass” that works on time. See how we took you from a marshland writer into the ancient timekeeper device. Isn’t that amazing? We call it an overhaul, the same as you’ll be doing with your blogs. You also improvise with such creativity. But of course, the technical aspect is essential. Keep these both side by side and start putting your words into practice.

Remember, writing is something you should pull off artlessly for blogs. Hence, have a carefree approach with freedom of thought - let the creative juices flow. Besides, freestyle writing helps you write an exciting blog. It’s like those crackling corn kernels into popcorn. Hiring a ghostwriting agency is also a good idea. But educating yourself beforehand can save you time, cash, and brains. Read the following writing techniques to add brainpower turbo to your blogs yourself:

1. Highlight the Keywords and Philosophies

Begin by throwing the glitter and bulbs at words that matter the most. Keywords are like coal that keeps your blog engine running. You can also add strings to different keywords to give readers a better perspective. Envisage keywords like tools of the same set – creating the perfect apparatus when attaching the parts. Similarly, talk and discern viewpoints. You can put your perspectives alongside studies and expert projections. Mixing and matching different minds can help you get to the solution – resolving peoples’ perplexities. 

2. Stir curiosity by adding bizarre ‘plausible’ questions

Do not try to pose thoughtful questions in the blogs. Sometimes asking yourself or the readers' questions can ignite inspiration. Besides, people love to read stuff that has a theoretical attitude. You never know what comes out of the rabbit hole. Blogs with eccentrically weird notions are top-rated on the internet. Remember, blogs that reel philosophical thoughts out of the blue are adventurous and knowledgeable.

3. Hyperlinks: high-authority sites, scholastics, videos, etc.

You can never get most of the creativity you put into it. After all, imaginations and dreams are endless thoughts that run our brainy thoughts. Now let’s talk about something straightforward and technical. Link your blog with websites that have the best information. It’s like those common room doorways that bring all the other rooms close to each other. Ensure you add URL links to popular websites that have the highest internet eminence. Also, adding research papers and videos via hyperlinking can help readers rationalize their thoughts.

4. Throw in GIFs for a more swashbuckling effect

Indeed, this is the best way to add gags and glamor to your blogs. These are like hushed animations of people making awkward gestures and actions. GIFs might seem like small video spurs to give a calm breeze, but they’re pretty powerful. These are larger-than-life video bits that relay information with a more powerful punch. Expect pop culture scenes, catchwords, taunts, awkwardness, and sidesplitting instances in GIFs. These flashing images reenergize your blogs and add liveliness to them. So much so that they feel out of this world.

5. Reshape your blog content with storytelling

Rephrase your blogs if they sound boring. Do not expect readers to go through bland lines that don’t empower their thoughts. They seek something that’s unique and has a creative crisp to it. Storytelling is to consider if you wish your words to look like a mouthwatering platter of exotic meat, fruits, and veggies. After all, it would be best if you tantalized readers’ taste buds (brain nerves). Storytelling also helps you connect with the readers emotionally. Another reason for etching is the narrator’s technique adds to the thoughts’ thirst drive.

6. Pick a classical font

Choose lettering that expresses your writing style or confirms the blog niche. For instance, Victorian Era fonts like Celestial, Magnifika, Marin, and Silver Stone for pure native English blogs. Never leave an amateurish residue in blogs by going with a faulty font style. Ensure you have a good font selection in mind. But once you become a famous blogger, make one or two of your signature fonts. Good luck!

7. Slide in a few inspiring quotes

Brilliant minds of notable individuals never cease to exist. Such people have gone through much in their lives. Their heroism, humbleness, and moderate lifestyle have made them powerful and wisely mighty. They’re the ones who glare into the eyes of ruthless life to make it beg for mercy for itself. No wonder why they left great sayings for all of us to ponder – and use in our blogs. Adding inspiring lines to your writings can undoubtedly make readers admire your work.


We hope you enjoyed our blog and learned something today. Remember, blogs are like our lives that don’t run out of ideas – refreshing breaths. Hence, be on it like you’re in life – full of beans. The captions above are enough to create a catalyst - a spark that rouses imagination in the reader’s mind. You can also search the internet for more ways to progress your blogs with immense originality. Giving real-time examples, writing casually for a more generous appeal, and rephrasing boring blog titles are our reminder notes.

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