How to start an eBook Publishing Services Company as an Author

How to start an eBook Publishing Services Company as an Author

Master strokes with every gliding pen and keyboard typing in what we appreciate. Truly Sir, Ma’am, it’s hard to find a Charles, Wordsworth, Stephen, Elliot, or Shakespeare in our times. But here you are – with the wordsmith might! Being an author is the most respectable position of all occupations.

People see you as a person who creates a new world beyond imagination through thin air. Unquestionably, your statements and storyline reflect the creative mind you got there.  It is a fact that writing with all the dreams and ideas in mind can enhance our inventive capabilities. You are doing well, but not significant enough!

This may sound like an oxymoron statement of ours right out of the blue – but it’s true. You are not making full use of wings of words and wisdom. So, why not start an eBook publishing services agency yourself when you’re good at uploading novels on Amazon’s KDP and Apple’s book store? Numerous eBook platforms await besides these two, so there are sundry options to pitch your eBook writing skills.

Don’t come up with your puzzling brains about what we just said. Remember, your thoughts and people sometimes try to contradict your inner feelings. Stop listening and carry on with this ambitious affluent journey. Besides, you can hire a qualified publisher from a book press or ask your buddies to support you in this enlightening cause.

You’re good to go if you can write good English, keep up with proper grammar, and use on-point vocabulary. It’s like investing your words in return for cash. Not a bad idea to use your writing skills to enjoy a laid-back livelihood. Also, a great chance to provide essentials and perks of life to your loved ones. Don’t be stressed out because you’ve earned it! Below are some essential tips for starting an eBook publishing company:

1. Acquire a well-thought-out author website

Begin by creating your writer’s website. You can do it yourself if you have the skills to do so. But hiring a professional is our best advice, especially if you want a theme-centric site for your eBook agency. Besides, you can showcase your writing talent here by ghostwriting its web copies yourself. Nail down the captions to reveal your skills as a precision typist. In addition to putting titles in perspective, writing website content allows you to demonstrate various writing styles.

2. Create accounts on multiple eBook platforms

As we said before, there are many popular eBook platforms like Amazon’s KDP and Apple’s iBooks Store. Besides creating your accounts on these two platforms, extend your reach further; create user accounts on other available platforms. Kitaboo, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Kobo Writing Life, and Lulu are famous examples. Creating multiple eBook accounts on different platforms helps improve customers’ awareness and brand visibility.

 3. Publish your books on Amazon KDP

Starting an eBook writing and publishing business is a piece of cake nowadays. All you need is the thirst to do it while everything comes to you by itself. Assume it is like social media – the more you are active on it, the more perks you get from it. So, why become a narcissistic celebrity online when you can become an inspiring author? Yes, you heard it right.

Make the most of your book writing skills by uploading your best stories on Amazon’s KDP. After the website, it’s the place to promote yourself. Therefore, try to nail down your book’s storyline to absorb the readers’ minds. Next, broadcast your eBook agency business as a sideline in your bio. In this way, you’ll quickly catch up with customers requiring eBook writing and publishing services online.

4. Write an eye-catchy ‘About the Author’ description

A boring profile destroys everything no matter how many users accounts you own on different eBook book writing platforms. Then you run for a sanctuary instead of endorsing your professional eBook writing know-how tricks and business. Thus, ensure to articulate your profile description to perfection. Make the right choice of words to sound more eloquent instead of gibberish. It’s a win-win situation for you if your author bio is interestingly noteworthy.

5. Write compelling synopsis on the book’s back cover

Your storyline’s precis at the backside of the book must showcase what you and your book are about. It is like the eyes on the face that tell everything about a person without a single word utterance.

6. Be active on social media

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, YouTube, etc. We recommend you use every networking space on the internet by making the most of its features. All in all, keenly participate on all social media platforms. Ultimately, circulate the news about your eBook agency and see the magic happen – of becoming an instant hit online.

 7. Join Facebook Author Pages and Writer Groups

The best social media to use round-the-clock as a writer is Zuckerberg’s dormitory creation – Facebook. Here you can join a wordsmith workforce that collaborates and guides writers facing dilemmas and emotional trauma. Besides, you can learn a lot of new stuff on Facebook groups and official writer pages. Ambitious people love to share their thoughts and expertise with other writers. Also, many writers share posts on Facebook that have great writing information. Subsequently, you acquaint yourself with potential eBook writing know-how.

8. Use Twitter to your advantage

Like Facebook, the ‘Blue Bird’ social platform is an excellent way to begin your eBook writing and publishing company. You can tweet about your agency or share book synopsis regularly on Twitter. Besides, this platform will help you connect with more new writers. Thus, it will spark chances for a podcast or a book project collaboration.

 9. Collaborate with an influencer

Another way to broadcast your eBook business to the world is to acquire social media celebrity services. You can hire a YouTuber or a Tik Toker if you feel fit for the job. But partnering with them is an excellent idea for your eBook agency’s authority and visibility.

Besides all the above headings to help you promote your eBook company worldwide, here are more key takeaways:

An eBook a month keeps reader reviews coming.

·         Send chapter openings to beta readers.

·         Start your YouTube channel.

·         Regular eBook podcasts and promotions.

·         Exclusive eBook trailers.

·         Post short stories for Magazines and Platforms.

In a nutshell, starting an eBook business as an author yourself is the best investment. You provide services to people, but you also improve your writing skills over time. And what better could be practicing your wordsmith abilities by earning decent cash? Stop thinking and jump into action – begin your eBook company journey now or never!

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