You need to send an attractive book proposal to the publisher instead of a complete manuscript. In this way, you have the chance to convince your desired publisher that your book is worthwhile and deserves to be published. That’s why it is crucial to write an outstanding book proposal so your publisher won’t resist publishing it.

On average, the length of a business book proposal ranges from 15-50 pages, and it includes these components such as title page, table of contents, overview/synopsis, author bio, marketing strategies, competitive titles, chapter outline, sample chapters, and project timeline.

It seems overwhelming but getting a business book published under a big publication house isn’t easy. It seems quite a daunting task to get through the publication process. Your business book proposal must be great to seal the deal with your potential publisher.

That’s why most people collaborate with a business book ghostwriter USA for their business book ghostwriting and increase the chances of getting it published. Don’t worry if you are looking to publish your business book but don’t know how to write an exceptional book proposal to convince your publisher.

You can hire a Business Book Ghostwriting Agency for the business book ghostwriting services at affordable rates in the USA. In this post, you will learn how to write a great business book proposal in just nine simple steps. By the end, you will be able to write an attention-captivating business book proposal. Without further ado, let’s start straight away.

Add An Overview To Hook The Publisher’s Attention

Every great proposal starts with an overview of the book you are looking to write. The overview covers the main idea of your book so the acquisition editor can get an idea of your proposed theme and commercial appeal of your book.

Write your overview as you are writing your book jacket to invite your readers to your text. Deploy the same amalgamation of charm, salesmanship, and vivid description which the publishers use to woo their book buyers. Start your overview with opening sentences and eye-catching phrases to grab the attention of your target audience.

Understand Your Target Audience

Now that you have successfully hooked the attention of your readers. The next step is to elaborate on why your book is worthwhile to invest in. You need to understand your target audience or the readers who are interested in buying your book.

It is essential to identify your target demographics, their age, lifestyle, interests, and what kind of genres they are interested in? In this way, you will have a better idea of the number of people who might be interested in reading your book.

Prepare A Concise And Strong Author Bio

As we have mentioned earlier, your position in the field is an ace in the hole when writing a business book proposal. Apart from market insights, your experience in the field makes up your credentials and gives your readers and the publisher a reason to put their trust in your book.

A strong author bio plays a critical role in determining the reach of your business book. Try to keep your author bio short and relevant.

Show Up Your Marketing Strategies And Ideas

Now that you have an established reach in the field, you need to show your marketing efforts. It is a critical step in writing a business book proposal, and your prospective publisher should know what marketing strategies you have to reach more target readers.

How will you spread the word about your book? In this section, you will explain your marketing strategies for your book proposal. The key to a successful book proposal is – stay specific and relevant.

Pick Your Corresponding Titles

After determining the marketing strategies, the next question that the acquisition editor will inquire is whether you have any other corresponding title on your bookshelves. In most cases, many books are already available on the same topic- what else do you have to offer?

You should be aware of your antecedents and your competition in your genre. Try to pick a unique title that helps your business book stand out in the existing market.

Elaborate Your Book In The Proposal

Now that you have covered all the marketing-related issues, it’s time to elaborate your actual book like it is about? You have already convinced the publisher to seal the deal with you.

The publisher wants to know whether the ideas you have proposed are viable or not. You can give a chapter-wise overview of your business book in your proposal to pursue your prospective publisher.

Provide A Sample Chapter

You don’t have to send a complete manuscript to your prospective publisher, but he would expect one or two sample chapters of your book to get an idea about your writing quality. You must send at least one or two sample chapters of your book to your publisher.

Outline Your Project Timeline And Special Features

You are almost done with your business book proposal, now let your prospective publisher know:

  • Timeline of your project: How much time will you take to complete your book?
  • What would be your word count range?
  • Do you require any assistance during this process of book completion?

Hire A Professional To Review Your Proposal

Finally, you have prepared an alluring business book proposal; now, you need to hire a professional ghostwriter or editor to review your proposal before submission to the publisher. Give your book proposal a professional edge; it will help in refining your proposal by highlighting your errors such as spelling, pronunciation, and grammatical mistakes. You can also use a template for your book proposal.


Writing an excellent book proposal can help you get it published more quickly as you can pitch in ideas to your prospective publishers without sending the complete manuscript. After reading this post, you can prepare your book proposal to convince your desired publisher why your book is worth investing in.

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