Ghostwriters are similar to an introverted ventriloquist who speaks for another but doesn’t appear on the stage. Ghostwriters write content, but it gets published under another person’s brand name or byline. Ghostwriting services can take your writing process to the next level by amplifying the value of planning practices and standard research.

Ghostwriters never get the credit for their work publicly. They give their writing copyrights to others and get paid in return. Though the ghostwriters play their role behind the scenes, it doesn’t mean they can hide in plain sight.

Ghostwriters ought to be proactive and do their job well. Bylined authors also need to work on the public-facing side because ghostwriting can never become successful without collaboration. True collaboration is needed between the credited author and the writer for prosperous ghostwriting.


In this blog, you will get to know why collaboration is needed to make ghostwriting successful. There are some tips and tricks which you can use to make it successful such as

Use The Same Author

Using the same author is essential to maintain consistency in the tone and brand voice, be it anything like blogs, ghostwritten presentations, or a quote on behalf of your brand executives. People can quickly sense the inconsistency in your writing.

So, you should concentrate on the congruence and consistency in whatever you are assigning to the other writers. It is important to have a cohesive brand voice so that people can recognize your company. And the consistency depends on the same author who is writing your content.

The company should make sure each article written by the ghostwriter adheres to the brand and has consistency in a voice so the customers can recognize the company, not only the bylined executives. When a ghostwriter collaborates with someone, he can easily anticipate the approach and grasp the brand voice and tone.

Think From Their Perspective

It is essential to know the perspective of those you are writing for to understand their writing style better so you can add much more nuances to your writing than you could otherwise. It is better to research and get through the content samples that your bylined author has published, so it would be much easier for you to replicate their thoughts and writing style.

Set Yourself Up For The Success

It is also necessary to incorporate the brand while understanding your credited author’s writing voice and thoughts. If you want your content to bring the desired outcomes and abide by company standards, you should set clear rules for style, tone, and voice and let your ghostwriters prosper within them. It is good advice to set up the success whether you are a ghostwriter or a credited author.

Expect Changes

Keeping in view that the written content will be published under someone else’s name, except that any changes can occur in the draft content at any time.

There is no need to get offended if your bylined author made or suggested any changes in the content; after all, it will get published by their name and is supposed to be their voice. Corrections and notes will help you in understanding how the bylined author writes.

It will also highlight the areas that you have written from your perspective instead of becoming their voice.

Get More Content And Quick Approval

When a bylined author finds faults frequently in the content and takes weeks for the content approval, it can lead to frustration for the ghostwriter, so to avoid these challenges, it is better to have a phone interview with the credited author at the beginning of the project to clarify all the ambiguities.

The interview is then recorded, and a transcript is created to give to the ghostwriter. You can easily get approval following this process. The interview also helps produce multiple content pieces starting with the interview transcription and audio extracts for the podcast production.

You can give the transcript to multiple writers so you can get different perspectives and ideas on the same topic.

Collaborate And Forgo Many Reviews Levels

There should be a one-on-one collaboration between the ghostwriter and credited author to make the ghostwriting successful. Many promising ghostwriting content pieces become boring and stale owing to the committee creation.

Let the subject matter expert and ghostwriter own the writing and research process. It also helps establish a process from the start to keep the writer and the bylined author on the same page.

Keeping the revision rounds reasonably low and setting fixed deadlines for the content drafts, feedback, revisions, and approvals are suggested.

Ghostwriters Are Not Clairvoyant

The ghostwriters are similar to the ventriloquists, but they are not the clairvoyants for sure. Most people think of ghostwriters as mind readers though it is not true. They are the experts in writing all sorts of content. That doesn’t mean they can read your minds and create the same content you have imagined.

So, it is better to create a detailed outline for each content piece you want to publish, including the voice tone you require, a concise outline of the main topics, your target keywords, and mention outlet where it’ll be published.

You can add all the necessary information which your ghostwriter needs to know regarding your content. On the other hand, the credited author needs to work too- they should be familiar with the final draft of the content and the date of publication or any other content-related activities.

You certainly don’t want to surprise your bylined author with your content when they don’t know anything about it. Though ghostwriting done properly is not a rapid solution for the time-starved bylined authors. The efficiency in the ghostwriting services develops over time as they learn the tone, writing style, and voice of the credited authors and the company. It takes time to make ghostwriting successful with the collaboration of the bylined authors; it is not magic that will occur suddenly.

Final Thoughts

Ghostwriting services demand the collaboration of the ghostwriter and the credited author to flourish; it is not magic that will happen eventually. The collaboration will develop over time by putting in the time and effort to make your ghostwriting successful.

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