Physical paperbacks or digital copies for books? Well, it’s a longstanding dispute that has votes from both parties. Older people and millennials stand by tangible books while those born between 2000 flaunt their ebook readers. Surprisingly, the latter population is seeing growth while traditional book lovers are drowning under the pages.

You might be thinking that it doesn’t justify the scenario. We all know that generations revere real books, but technology appraisals are for eBooks. Astonishingly, even libraries are witnessing vacant seats and tables. Books on the shelves are sensing more dust on themselves than the hands of ambitious readers. It is the primary reason book writers will hire an ebook publishing company online instead of a street publishing press.

Nonetheless, reading rooms still see few people these days, but not that much. The reason for it is the growing trend of ebook readers. Now you can instantly download a PDF file for a complete book from the internet. Unlike books you need to return to the librarian before the deadline, you get to keep the eBook forever.

Furthermore, ebooks are more accessible than books. You don’t need to hit the roads and streets to visit your local library to get the book. Why would you waste time traveling to the book’s building when the whole structure is accumulated into the machine? Popular eBook readers include Amazon’s Kindle, Kobo reader, Nook, and Sony Reader. Buying these bookkeepers could cost a little more cash than an actual book, but it’s a one-time investment. And that’s what makes eBooks more notable than their tangible counterparts. Below are some valid reasons why eBook downloads are hitting book sales badly:


1. Ebook has a built-in library:

You can easily download multiple eBooks of different genres into the eBook reader. The significant part of the whole process is that these author gizmos are lightweight and portable. You don’t need to overstrain your shoulder muscles with a hefty bag full of books. Besides, you also save a lot of room space to store different stuff. You can create different categories for ebooks of varied genres in your virtual book space. How great is that?


2. Universal accessibility:

Ebooks are accessible across the globe on different eBook platforms. You can download digital copies from Amazon, Google’s eBook store, Open Library,, Internet Archive, and Bookboon. The best part is that you only require an internet connection for downloading ebooks. Besides, it’s not your typical local library or a particular bookstore selling a specific book genre. The ubiquitous nature of eBooks is what makes them better than printed books.


3. Regular updates:

Ebooks and their reading gadgets get consistent upgrade plans from writers and programmers. Since technologies are modifying with the moving times, so are eBooks. By this, we don’t mean the story plot, but its format, to help readers skim through the chapters and passages fluently. In addition, authors can place new chapters in digital books if they feel their stories are incomplete without them. Ebook updates also come with additional perks: push notifications, discounts, free reads, and other readers’ incentives.


4. Shareable book content:

You can share ebooks with your friends from the comforts of your homes. Ebook readers allow transferring files between devices like phones, tablets, and computers. Besides, it also comes with a dedicated social book platform where you can share ebooks, like them, and even recommend your favorite ones to others.


5. Ebooks provide AR Experience:

Augmented reality has opened gateways for reading and experiencing ebooks differently. Nowadays, eBooks are coming with 3D visuals that look realistically fascinating. Readers can now enjoy computer-generated images for characters, chapters, and story plots. It feels like watching a movie on your eBook readers, a quality that an actual book lacks.  


6. Ebooks don’t hurt your eyes:

You can easily adjust the brightness of your eBook reader screens. As well, change the sharpness of text from low to high. Night mode is probably the best option to put your eyes to rest. You can skim through the pages with this eye-friendly option without missing a word or hurting your eyes. Plus, you can set screen brightness and eye-centric settings on pilot mode on your ebook readers. Ironically, real books lack this feature. You cannot read them in the dark without a torch.


7. Ebooks have voiceover feature:

The text-to-speech option is one of the best highlights of ebooks. You can listen to the story of your book and correct your pronunciation of words. It means you can listen to books on the go. You can place your eBook reader in the kitchen, in your car, or in the gym to lose yourself in the plot.


8. Ebooks are interactive:

You feel more emotionally attached to ebooks than mere page stacks under the book cover. There are plenty of attention-grabbing features on the ebook device that make book reading a lot more fun. Surprisingly, you can also add animations and sound effects to these digital books for added reading elucidation effects.


9. Ebooks are affordable for long-term use:

Digital books don’t tend to wear and tear with time. You can read these books even after a hundred years. Though you might spend more cash on ebooks than actual books, the perks are countless. You enjoy hassle-free readings without the fear of losing them in neverland. Now we know why they are less expensive and where our money is going.


10. Ebooks are ecofriendly:

Ebooks are the best friends of our environment. We do not need to cut down trees or deplete our oxygen, our primary source of life. Shockingly, around 3 million trees lost their lives in return for 2.2 million books. We know that knowledge is power, but not powerful than the fresh air for our lungs, right?! Therefore, we should go with ebooks instead of buying books that aren’t lightweight; on us on our planet earth.


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