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Whether large, small, or medium-sized publishers, our main areas of focus are cost, quality, and time. Since the changing times, authors no longer beg for publishing an e book publishing houses or book agents to publish their manuscripts. However, with the advent of digitalization, now you are the one in control and make things work for you. In comparison to traditional books, eBooks are easy to promote anywhere, and that too for free. One of the main benefits of getting your book published on digital platforms is the increased chances of getting visibility than it was previously with traditional format ever before.

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Apple Books
  • Barnes and Noble Nook Edition

Amazon Kindle

Want to be known as best selling author on Amazon Kindle? If you wish to promote newspapers, books, magazines, or any other material, Amazon Kindle proves to be an ideal platform for publishing. The simplicity of Amazon Kindle is so simple that you may think that you are reading a book, hence why people prefer reading books online on Amazon Kindle, as it gives them the feel of an ordinary book.

Apple Books

With Apple Books, you can provide your book with immense exposure within its digital version, and it can be accessed through Apple devices, i.e., iPhone and iPad. With a one-click publishing solution for authors, you can get your book published iBook (Apple’s bookstore) and circulate it worldwide.

Barnes and Noble Nook Edition

Nook is a digital reader like Amazon Kindle from Barnes and Noble. Users can download a variety of newspapers and books from here in a minimum timeframe. To gain more readership and customers about your digital book online, Nook is a great platform to have. By uploading your eBook on Nook, you can maximize your impact and improve your reputation.
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