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At Ghost Writers Avenue, we provide best book promotion services, to ensure authors enjoy maximum coverage and profitable business. It is important for the authors to discover marketing side of things with the authorship. It is necessary that your abilities and expertise can help you discover marketing side of things, besides spread awareness regarding the book you wrote and published online. Your business's success depends on how you can present and your level of interaction with the audience. With every moment passing, you have to decide to boost your business venture's success. Following are some of the promotional materials that can help take your business venture to the next level

  • Appealing and creative bookmarks
  • Digital postcards
  • Business cards
  • Posters

Appealing and Creative Bookmarks

Are you looking to promote a book and spread awareness? Allow Ghostwriters Avenue to do it for you without any hassle. As far as many bookworms are concerned, they treat bookmarks as something unique, and hence, they do not discard any of these. They are likely to share them with their friends, which naturally gives the authors and their books an advantage, which is mentioned on the bookmark.

Digital Postcards

To get the readers' attention and interact with them directly, digital postcards can prove to be a perfect medium. The quality and creativity level gets enhanced with digital postcards, grabbing the customers' attention, making a long-lasting impact in their minds.

Business Cards

The role of business cards for authors cannot be ignored, as it allows to bridge communication between the readers and you. Hence as an essential element, a company card is very crucial for promoting business.


Last but not least is compelling and captivating posters used for the promotion of book launching event. Creative digital posters can prove to be a great help to instantly gain the audience's attention while marketing your book offline.
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