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Whether arranging a book launch, marketing a book, or running a promotional campaign, authors want to be a part of it without realizing the process or the criteria. At Ghostwriters Avenue, we know the authors' hassles, hence we help them out with our virtual marketing assistant Hence, they give them the leverage they need to manage the activities with a hassle-free approach. Our marketing assistants are well versed in the following services:

  • Strategic planning and marketing
  • Book signing event
  • Author's digital persona
  • Monitor marketing campaigns

Strategic Planning And Marketing

Are you an author who wants to get impressive results? Do you want to get effective assistance? At Ghostwriters Avenue, we provide planning marketing strategy services to get the best out of your book marketing campaign. They are familiar with a great way to market your book according to your preferences and needs with an effective approach. Their main areas of focus include boosting sales and conversion rate, besides ensuring maximum benefit to you.

Book Signing Event

Planning or organizing an event is easier said than done, and most of the time, it backfires. As an author, most of the time is never enough, and there is a lot of work that needs to be completed. Hence, to overcome all the hassles of the tasks, let the marketing assistants from Ghost Writers Avenue help you. With their professional assistance, they have helped to manage all the events successfully.

Author's Digital Persona

By creating an author's digital persona, an author can gain maximized online visibility and brand recognition. Online existence is very important, which many authors tend to forget, however, social media gains maximum online traffic. Ghost Writer Experts helps authors to develop skills and quantity through our exclusive marketing assistant.

Monitor Marketing Campaign

At Ghost Writers Avenue, we are aware of the challenges and hassles a writer goes through. Our professional team of experts has helped authors speed up the marketing and promotion of the book. The marketing assistant benefits the authors and gives them the best conversion and sales results.
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