10 Exquisite Glam-up Writing styles for Ghostwriters

10 Exquisite Glam-up Writing styles for Ghostwriters

With the rise of social media, frivolous writing has become a thing. Since we cannot animate our letters with motion graphics or special effects, we add life and exuberance to them. Of course, there’s a strict boundary between formal and informal writing. Our topic will mainly focus on the latter and how you can become multitalented in it in no time.

Remember, ghostwriting is a job you do at will. You got the liberty to choose your clients and project type. Thus, you can relax without stressing out on tough tasks raging towards you in file battalions. It also means you can get your hands on plenty of versatile assignments.

Eventually, you will be able to unlock new achievements as a writer. It’s what makes ghostwriting distinctive from other writing jobs. You can play with words and experiment with new-fangled writing styles. But don’t assume you can handle it single-mindedly. You have to overcome obstacles to achieve excellence in your word-based endeavors. Actually, it is easier said than done, so you better be careful when starting your project.

Beauty ghostwriting, for instance, is among the best parlance trendsetters among ghostwriters. Since social media is flourishing in our lives, phones, and around us. We cannot deny the fact that you must elevate your writing style with flights and flairs. Besides, the world is flinging ahead of its time. So you have to improvise to make it to the finish line before everyone else. Below are some fantastic writing styles for ghostwriters who wish to add wisdom, witticism, and winds to their works:

1. Creative Writing Style

First and foremost, you must add layers and flavors to your writing? And how do it? – By adding unique words and rhetoric phrases, craft attention-grabbing sentences, and develop interesting passages. Furthermore, you must maintain agility and coherence in this specific writing medium. Let readers skim through your writings in the most exhilarating way possible.

The biggest advantage of this written medium is playing with your textual parlance as much as you like. You are free from all guidelines and conspiracies that may turn against your will – and writings. Plus, creative writing allows your ingenious inner beast to unleash inspiration inside you. Eventually, you become more proficient in this particular writing conduct meritoriously.

2. News Reporting Writing Style

Imagine watching your favorite show on TV, and your cousins arrive. Now it’s time to say bye-bye to your favorite game show or that family sitcom opera. You crossly make way across the ancestral hurdle and yell: Stop it! – While they stubbornly remain in peace while watching the local news. But wait! Don’t run upstairs if you are a bookworm or a book writer. – One who tries to hide your emotions and emptiness in your imaginative world? Standstill on the stairs! Listen to the news reporter and what they have to say. It may be interesting to listen to them for once.

Take heed of the reporter and try to converge their talking manner in your writings. You will see your naïve writings become more mature with polite gestures and poise. Indeed, this writing style is ideal for people who write documentaries or crime novels where news media and newspapers are widespread.

3. Oratory Writing Style

We all have listened to speeches at school or college. Let’s recall those students who stood their ground and looked like Hitler, trying to bring revolution to their classes. It might sound funny to many, but only those who realize on-stage oaths and declarations are fine pieces of history.

Moreover, oratory is an art not everybody can master. Only the ones that dine with authors, older men, and wisdom keepers know what we’re talking about. Yes, it is more on the formal side, but flipping the coin towards facts and fascination also occurs. Therefore, it’s better to toss in quotes and your statements in a courteous yet conviction way – through writing.

4. Lecturer Writing Style

Back in the day, we enjoyed teasing our teachers at school and making mocking jokes about them. It’s sad that we actually went offensive against our mentors. One thing you can do to rectify your mistakes is to take their mannerly attitude and teaching skills on board. Deck up your writing as if a professor is scrawling breakthroughs and philosophies –with an eye-covering monocle.

5. Copywriting Writing Style

Probably one of the most engaging and flexing writing styles of all time. Web copywriting is a serious business and the most double-checked word’s work on the planet – at the workplace. A single mistake or a fumble of letters, you’re a goner!

Copywriting is generally preferable for writers who have to toss in exclamatory remarks frequently. For instance, you’re trying to highlight business ghostwriting, or some novelist’s book character is too fussy to make remarks. We hope you’re getting the point!

6. Narrative Writing Style

Here comes Attenborough’s special. No kidding, but this one makes the most sense to us. The fact that it encompasses every scripting flair you can ever imagine. Besides, you can read children’s books, YA novels, short stories, and audiobooks to boost your storytelling skills.

7. Spontaneous Writing Style

Start scribbling artlessly if you want to give the readers a breath of fresh air. Just give your all, and start writing your thoughts. Jot in every word and phrase, and race up with every sentence until you finish your passage. Now, read the paragraph you just wrote. This is what we’re talking about, Make minor changes that don’t affect its natural tone. There you have it – spontaneity at its best!

8. Teenagers’ upbeat Writing Style

Think of teenagers and those adolescents who are about to enter their “high-spirited” teen years. Undeniably, they’re the most proactive and optimistic about life. There’s something special about their way of talking and writing. We all know because we’ve also gone through these ‘seven golden years of life.

9. Rhapsody Writing Style

This style is equivalent to someone exclaiming all the excitement in the world. Hence, it’s better for those writers who wish to add ecstasy and adventure to their works. Rhapsody dialect is great if you want readers to keep their eyes glued on papers or screens.

10. Candid Writing Style

Merge innocence and a carefree attitude in your writings. You’re free to express yourselves with all your heart. It’s best suited for characters who talk with other people nostalgically.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our 10 fascinating writing styles to add wings to your imagination. But don’t forget to read books and blogs that will boost your writing skills to the next level. Take care, and God bless!

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