No wonder every novel writer aims for the stars. Many remain on the grounds, and some reach the sky. Only a few lucky ones go to the moon and beyond. Besides, it’s ironic to see wannabee writers and amateur authors wish to reach big names in the writing industry. They want to compete with J. R. R. Tolkien, Ernest Hemingway, Jane Austen, Jules Verne, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, to name a few. It’s not something impossible to achieve. But still, unattainable if not grinding yourself to the dust with dexterous writing practice and dedication.

Furthermore, writing a novel isn’t your typical book writing. It requires profound imagination to come up with innovative ideas and unique themes. You have to squeeze out your dreams to create made-up worlds that are literally out of this world. Besides, you can also buy novel ghostwriting services. The agency provides you with expert writers that help put up your story with the right words and phrases.

But then again, it’s better to write the story of your life, yourself. It’s a determined and exhaustive process that comes with plentiful perks of life in the end. If you are looking for ways to discover your true strengths as an author, the following ten strategies might become handy. Read on!


. Become A Ravenous Reader

Treat the books just like food and water. Consume them as much as you can. You cannot become a good writer yourself if you’re not overdosing and douse yourself with masterworks of famous writers. Therefore, eye on the bestselling novels, popular books in the library, and young readers’ all-time favorites. Reading books has lots of health benefits as well. It improves your thinking power, gives you strength to focus, increases, reduces your stress levels, keeps you all day long active, etc.

2. Create Your Draft Book

Always have a notebook by your side dedicated to your novel drafts. Note down cues and inspirational prompts of what life throws at you. Besides, you can also opt for novel ghostwriting services to help you in the enlightening process. You can also create multiple draft journals to help you categories different stories, unique characters, and diverse story plots.

3. Practice Habits & Trials Of Successful Authors

Go outside for a walk, wear a coat, explore the countryside, drink hot coffee, have happy family moments, etc. In simple words, learn from the master’ from the lives of successful authors in the field. Besides picking up their habits, do not overlook their writing patterns. Organize your write-ups, come up with multiple book drafts, talk to your editor, reach out to publishers, write inventively, note down your thoughts, daydream, ward off errors, and so on.

4. Become A Wanderlust Writer

You might be an introvert, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot travel with your imaginary friend. Go to a park and talk it out with your restless imaginations. Consequently, you’ll be able to come up with unique ideas and breakthrough concepts for your upcoming award-winning novel series. You can also visit nearby forests, camp out with close friends, or have a café night out with your editor.

5. Visit Your Local Library For Cues

Become a regular visitor to your local library. Befriend the librarian, shushing bookworms, and other people who are consistent with their library routines. Besides that, you can visualize bookshelves as labyrinths. Please do not pick a book but try to comprehend them by reading the titles mentioned on their spines. You’ll see how your imagination revives new ideas, afresh thoughts, and overwhelming philosophies.

6. Catch Your Characters From Real Life

You cannot ignore the fact of creating larger-than-life characters that will sit up till the end of your story. Therefore, think deeply to come with appealing names of your heroes, side characters, and villains. You can also leap into the real world to seek people that inspire you to become a better person every day. Besides, you can also create characters out of people that mean the world to you. So, why not give them the tribute they deserve. Create characters of your story based on their names and personalities.

7. Practice Different Styles Of Writing

Pick up the pen and paper and start scribbling out every edge and angle you possess in your writings. It does not mean that you start improving the patterns of writing. Instead, work on picking up the right tone of different book genres. Think of writing as your day-to-day conversation with people. Choose words and phrases that fit best in the sentences, write short accounts, and keep coherence in your writings. Novel writing is all about good readability scores.

8. Watch Movies

Most of the best books of the past and bestselling novels of the present become full-scale films inspired by authors’ masterpieces. Therefore, watching movies and dramas is a great way to discover your inner self as an aspiring author. Watch movies vigilantly and note down character traits, environmental cues, and pick up concealed information. Also, look out for classical references and Easter eggs for pulling the best acts in your literary works.

9. Seek Hints And Lights Of Inspiration

The world is a big box full of surprises. Mother nature is full of great bewilderment, and our universe, full of wonders. You can enjoy breathtaking moments of life but also seek its lessons. In addition, seek the energy and spirituality that exists around you. Consequently, you will reach out for the light and the stars. Through this, you will be able to comprehend the mysteries and surroundings around you.

10. Examine Mysterious Things And Phenomenon

Become a scientist of your words. Imagine standard stuff in strange ways to come up with the best writing marvels. Become an adventurer, a spectator, and dive into the ocean of knowledge and wisdom. Eventually, you’ll be able to pull off a NY bestselling novel soon.

The Writer’s Finish Line

Writing is a daunting process that ravels its secrets slowly and steadily. Therefore, you should be aware of yourself. First, understand your personality from the inside out. Writing is an art that requires passion from the heart and soul. Dedicate your life and dreams towards the ultimate goal; to become the best writer in the world. Get on with the ‘NEXT BIG’ concept novel now. You can do it!

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